Join Our Seasonal Camping Community

If you are a passionate and frequent camper it might be time to consider renting a seasonal site. One of the true pleasures of camping can be developing friendship bonds that often last a lifetime. This happens so often in a seasonal camping community. There is something about sitting around the evening campfire, in familiar surroundings, with your favorite beverage and your best camping friends that is unlike anything else. In the end, camping is all about the experience. Meaningful family traditions are not always easy to establish. But if your family enjoys their summer weekends camping at Whitetail Bluff year after year, you will create a family tradition that you and your kids will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. So, if you are tired of hauling your camper in and out of different campgrounds where you often enter as a stranger, then its time to join the Whitetail Bluff Seasonal camping community. Welcome to our community. Welcome home.

Advantages of Seasonal Site Camping

  • No packing in preparation for each trip. Your camping gear is already at your seasonal site.
  • Drive in and relax. When you arrive, your site is ready for use – no weekly set up required.
  • At the end of your stay no pack up and hitch up required. Just lock up and go home.
  • By not hauling your camper week after week, mile after mile, you will save on fuel and wear and tear on your camper.
  • Use of all park amenities included in seasonal site fee (excludes rentals).
  • Winter camper storage included in seasonal site fee. Never clutter your home driveway or yard, or annoy your neighbors by parking your camper at home.
  • Haul and set up your camper one time only. It can stay at Whitetail Bluff all year long, year after year.


Seasonal Rates
Our Seasonal Site rates vary by site, but most are $2,900 (plus 5.5% tax). Seasonal campers pay their own metered electric & maintain their grass. Current Seasonal Campers can mail in signed agreements. Also, your $750 deposit is due by Oct 15th to reserve your site for next season. The remainder of seasonal payment is set up on a payment plan and due by March 15th *Minus any deposits already paid.  Those interested please email or call 608-725-5577.